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In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, on return to school after the Easter holidays Year 8 pupils will take part in a cross curricular event focusing on the Year 8 core value of Compassion and their responsibility for protecting our planet.

The objective of Year 8 Climate Compassion is to teach students the foundations of knowledge required to become informed global citizens, focusing largely on climate change and the Earth’s diminishing resources. Across departments teachers will highlight to pupils the importance of protecting our planet for future generations and demonstrate how they can raise awareness to promote changes in behaviour.

In Science pupils will follow a series of lessons in which they will learn about causes and impact of climate change. There will be a literacy focus including opportunities for enhancing writing, comprehension and evaluative skills.

The Mathematics department will be asking ‘How environmentally conscious are your teachers?’ and undertaking a data collecting exercise to answer this question, whilst in English pupils will have the opportunity to present their views on climate change in an oracy competition.

In Music pupils will ‘Bash the trash’ in time with their climate rap, the Technology department will be recycling their trash into funky USB lamps and some movie making will be happening in ICT where ‘Climate Compassion’ advertising campaigns will be produced in line with P.E.’s ‘Athletes as Climate Change Heroes’ gallery.

The Humanities department will be teaching about the history of climate change, its affects in different parts of the world, and discussing Catholic teachings on stewardship highlighting humanity’s responsibility to care for and guard God’s creation. At the same time pupils will be learning some new climate relevant key terms in their French lessons.